Raymond Sommereyns

Raymond Sommereyns is the director of the Outreach Division, Department of Public Information, United Nations, New York. During his more than 30-year career at the United Nations, he has been active in legal, political, and public information areas. Assignments included legal adviser to peacekeeping operations in the Middle East, senior adviser for the conflict between Iran and Iraq, good offices efforts in Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Cyprus, oversight of political affairs in West Asia, Europe, and the Americas. He holds law degrees from the Free University of Brussels and Harvard Law School and was a foreign lawyer at the New York law firm of Sullivan and Cromwell. He is fluent in English, French, and Dutch and has a working knowledge of German, Spanish and Italian.


Cecilia Domeyko
Cecilia Domeyko, Founder and President of Accent Media, has directed and produced dozens of films capturing the Latino experience in the U.S. and in Latin America. Cecilia began her career in print and television journalism, first in Chile and then in the U.S., where she worked as an on-camera reporter for the U.S. Information Agency’s daily news program “America Today,” and then for Univision-TV, where she was an on-camera reporter for the network’s daily national newscast. Her work has earned more than 60 awards at major U.S. f ilm festivals, including the Cine Golden Eagle, the Gabriel, the Telly, and the National Educational Media Network Awards. Her works on women leaders, artists, and musicians have appeared on WETA-TV (PBS), the Discovery Channel, and Univision. Her independent documentary “Cuba Mia” about an all-woman chamber orchestra in Havana premiered on PBS stations WNET and WBGH in 2003 and is now airing nationally on PBS. The documentary has also aired in many other countries. Her documentary “Code Name: Butterflies”, a one-hour program about the Mirabal revolutionary sisters of the Dominican Republic, won the Cine Latino Award at the DC Independent Film Festival, and Silver Award for Film Directing and Cinematography, and a Bronze Award for Biography at the International Telly Festival. Cecilia is also founder and President of the Mariposa Cultural Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and educating the public about the rights of women, children, and the environment, human rights, and freedom and justice worldwide. For more information about Cecilia Domeyko and her work, you can visit her website at


Olivier Bricet

Olivier Bricet, a graduate in international public law in French and German universities, has several years of field experience in the Balkans. He has worked for humanitarian NGOs, the UNMIK, the OSCE and the Ombudsman, dealing with complaints of individuals against public authorities. In 2001 he worked as antifraud officer for OSCE conducting investigations all over Kosovo. He currently works as a human rights officer in Prizren, Kosovo. He is fluent in French, English and German.


Alberto Gabriele

Alberto Gabriele is a Rome-based independent researcher, with more than 30 years of experience as a development economist and an extensive list of publications in areas such as agricultural, industrial, and innovation policies, international trade, food security, and income distribution. He focuses mainly on the specificities and challenges of socialist-oriented -development strategies in China, Cuba, and Vietnam.

Annamaria Pastore,

Annamaria Pastore, a graduate of La Sorbonne in Paris, is an adjunct faculty member and Projects Director at Northwestern University School of Law, International Center for Human Rights in Chicago. She was trained at the International Peacekeeping School in Pisa, HEI in Geneva, IEP in Paris and the Hague Peace Academy and LSE in London. Ms. Pastore has served as International Officer working for the United Nations and OSCE in Serbia, Kosovo, Sudan, Iran, Eritrea and other areas. She specializes in Human Rights, International Relations and International Law and is fluent in Italian and French. Among her professional activities, Ms. Pastore is involved in fundraising projects on behalf of nonprofits and nongovernmental organizations. She is fluent in Italian, French, Spanish and German.


Jamil M. Shami

Dr. Jamil M. Shami is an international educator and an activist in human affairs. He served as college vice-president, dean and professor in the United States and the Middle East. He has deep knowledge of Middle Eastern affairs and, as a Palestinian, is intimately acquainted with Palestinian issues. His extensive experience in citizen diplomacy includes conflict resolution, human rights, democracy, capacity building, international development and volunteerism. He is fluent in English and Arabic.


Eduardo Trillo De Martin

Eduardo Trillo de Martín-Pinillos has a Ph. D. in International Law and is professor of International Law and International Relations at the University of Madrid, Spain. He has many years of experience in International organizations such as UNHCR, European Union, OSCE and UNDP. His specialty is in the fields of Democratization, Rule of Law and Human Rights. His field experience has been in the Balkans, Africa, Latin America and East Timor. He is the author of three books on the Balkans, the Colombian guerrillas and Equatorial Guinea. He is fluent in Spanish and English

United Kingdom

Leslie Graham Leek

Leslie Leek was a career UK Police Officer who specialized in the fields of Counter Terrorism and the investigation of serious crime throughout his 30year career, retiring in 1995 at senior command rank. He now works as a security consultant throughout Europe advising on threat and risk assessment in the commercial field. He also works on contract to the UK Foreign Office for the OSCE and the United Nations

United States

Charles Freeman

Charles (Chuck) Freeman is a commercial pilot with an international cargo carrier, and a lawyer admitted in Virginia, Maryland and Georgia. He served for thirty-one years as an officer in the United States Air Force, Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve as a pilot, air operations officer and military political officer. He retired with the rank of colonel and was decorated with the Legion of Merit.

Cathy Schneider

Cathy Schneider is Associate Professor of International Studies at American University and director of the Americas program in Comparative and Regional Studies. She holds a PhD in Government from Cornell University, and her areas of expertise include political violence, identity politics and social movements. Her current research is on security policy and the policing of minority communities. Among her recent publications are: "Shantytown Protest in Pinochet's Chile", "Violence, Identity and Spaces of Contention in Argentina, Chile and Colombia", and "Racism, Drug Policy and AIDS". She is fluent in French and Spanish.

Cynthia Louise Butler

Cynthia Louise Butler, a graduate of Georgetown law school, is an attorney in private practice with twenty years of experience and a concentration in ADR, Mediation/conflict resolution. She has studied conflict resolution at Harvard Law School where she obtained an Advanced Certification in Mediation. Ms. Butler has lived many years overseas and has had a life-long interest in international peacemaking and conflict resolution. She served on the Board of the United Nations Association-National Capital Area (UNA-NCA) and assisted in their programs, including tours in Paris and Geneva visiting many NGOs and UN associated organizations. She brings to the organization a strong interest in cross-religious understanding. In her blog "Pilgrims, Patriots and Prophets" she advocates building bridges of peace between faith traditions and explores the nexus between politics and religion. Based currently in Washington, DC, she is a member of the American Constitution Society and the John Carroll Society. She is fluent in French.

Richard Wiener

Richard Wiener retired from a 39-year career as a patent lawyer which included lecturing in the US and abroad on international patent law and heading the Washington office of a major patent firm. He lived under the Nazi regime in Germany from 1933 to 1939 and was the only Jew in a school of Hitler Youths. He watched as his home was destroyed and his father taken to a concentration camp. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, he returned to his hometown for a class reunion, and initiated a healing experience with his ex-classmates. On his return, he created a "Power of Forgiveness" workshop to show others that it is possible to revisit even the most painful life issues. He has spoken widely at college, school and church venues on the subject of reconciliation.

Peter Bolton

Peter Bolton is a Washington, DC-based journalist and activist. He is currently a regular contributor to The Canary, where he writes about topics including the Trump administration and US foreign policy in Latin America and the Middle East. His work has also appeared in CounterPunchThe GuardianColombia Reports and UpsideDownWorld. He has a particular interest in making complex ethical issues in public policy and international affairs accessible to a broad audience. He holds a master's degree in Ethics, Peace and Global Affairs from American University and an undergraduate degree from Durham University in the UK.