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CSI Libya Discussion Happy Hour

Qadafi may be one of the most controversial leaders in modern history. This week he defied international calls for restraint against protesters as 1000's have been reported killed. He has vowed to fight till death, claiming the demonstrations held across the Arab world are part of the US conspiracy. However, Qadafi has not always been seen in such a negative light. He was appointed to head the African Union in 2009, and being his female body guard is a highly sought out position.

Who is Qadafi? What will he do next? Does he really have psychological issues or does his speeches have some point that is simply denied by his opponents?

Conflict Solutions International would like to invite you to a table top discussion to discuss Qadafi and his past, present and future.  No speakers, No panelists. Just order a drink or coffee and lets spark a friendly, and maybe controversial conversation. 

What: CSI Tabletop Discussion Happy Hour
When: Wednesday, March 2, 6:30pm
Where: One Lounge, 1606 20th Street NW, DC
Who: You and your friends