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Cuba: Past, Present and Future 6-12-09

June 12, 2009 Cuba: Past, Present and Future CSI Blog entry on this event A distinguished panel of speakers explored the history of Cuba's relationship with the U.S. and the new administration in Washington. Moderated by Allison Johnson, the speakers included Wayne Smith, Eugene Puryear, Jose Pertierra, and Cecilia Domeyko. Allison Johnson has worked for The World Bank, the International Finance Corporation, the United Nations and a broad array of global companies and non-profit organizations. Ms. Johnson has served Fortune 500 companies, international management consulting firms and non-governmental organizations around the world. Wayne Smith, a veteran of the Korean War and a retired Foreign Service Officer, and currently an Adjunct Professor of Latin American Studies at Johns Hopkins University. During his 25-year career with the US Department of State, Dr. Smith served in the former Soviet Union, Argentina, Brazil, and Cuba. He served as the Executive Secretary of President Kennedy’s Latin American Task Force. Since 1992, he has also been a Senior Fellow at the Center for International Policy in Washington, D.C. and directs its Cuba program. Eugene Puryear is a current student at Howard University, a B.A. candidate in history. He has lectured and spoken extensively on Cuba at universities such as Howard University, the University of Maryland, Goucher College, and the University of California-Los Angeles. He has worked for the last 5 years as an organizer with the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five, planning and participating in a number of marches, rallies, teach-in’s and forums. José Pertierra practices immigration law in the District of Columbia at the law firm of Pertierra & Toro, PC. Born in Havana, Cuba, he was counsel to the father of Elian Gonzalez and is currently representing the government of Venezuela in its efforts to extradite Luis Posada Carriles, accused of downing a passenger airliner in 1976. Mr. Pertierra is a Human Rights Award Winner designated by the American Immigration Lawyers Association and a recipient of the Humanitarian Award from MAPAVI Foundation. Cecilia Domeyko is an award-winning film-maker, director, producer, and scriptwriter of “Cuba Mia.” She brings extraordinary experience to the field of documentary production centered on Latin American themes, as well as that those that touch upon the Latino experience in the U.S. Her work has earned her over 60 awards at major festivals in the past five years. Her documentaries on visionary educational reform in Chile and Uganda, are currently airing in over 90 countries, and have won numerous international awards. Her work has also appeared on WETA-TV, and WNET-TV, the Discovery Channel, and Channel 13 of Chile. Cuba Past Present and Future Part 1:
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