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Islam and Western Society

What type of Islam is compatible with western society?

With the growing influx of immigrants to Europe and America, native populations often feel uncomfortable with the new cultures that are taking hold along established traditions. This phenomenon appears to be particularly relevant in places where there is a growing Muslim community. CSI will explore the issue of compatibility between some forms of Islam and western society. As it is customary for CSI when it organizes a program on controversial issues, this program will feature speakers who consider radical Islam a threat to western society and values, as well as others who will argue the opposite. The location of this event is a pleasant one and the speakers, to be announced later, are top notch. A non-alcohol reception will follow  the program. Do not miss this event!

Panelists include:
Diane Perlman
Ahmed Moen
John Wimberly
Deborah Weiss

Moderated by James Littleton

A non-alcohol reception will follow the program.   Photo ID required.

April 5th, 2011. 6:30pm.
Western Presbyterian Church.
2401 Virginia Ave. NW.
(By Foggy Bottom Metro Station)
Suggested donation $5.
Please bring a photo id.
RSVP with us via email: