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Middle East and North Africa

Map of the Middle East

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CSI is currently reporting on conflicts in Egypt, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Israel-Palestine and Yemen

Regional Overview

Encompassing southwestern Asia and northern Africa, the Middle East has played an exceptional role in world history. The birthplace of at least three major religions, and home to one of the most valuable natural resources-oil, this land and its inhabitants have contributed valued resources and innumerable wisdom to mankind. Yet, the Middle East has also experienced more than its fair share of conflicts.

Throughout its history the Middle East has served as a key focal point of world affairs, and early 20th century European geopolitics greatly affected local populations and became a leading factor in the region’s volatility.

Today, as in the past, the Middle East continues to be a politically, culturally and religiously sensitive region, as modern society struggles to find solutions to conflicts that have been brewing for centuries.